Have we got a screw loose, or what?

At IKEA, we’ve made a commitment never to compromise on the technical quality of our affordable home furnishings. True, that’s a big commitment. But we back it with a quality inspection programme that is very thorough. And right now we’re looking for a furnishings quality inspector to work at our central warehouse in Montreal.

Now, down to the nuts and bolts or your responsibilities - because you’ll be getting right down to the nuts, bolts, wood, metal and upholstered components of our home furnishings. You will perform spot inspections on incoming deliveries and do some test assembling, as well. You’ll also handle registration reports, so you’ll need to get friendly with our computer system. And you should be for occasional travel to other warehouses in Canada. (Just to keep us on our toes, nation-wide.)

If you think you’ve got it together enough to take us apart, constructively of course, send your resume to: