Elkington Forest is a novel approach to real estate development: A forest that can be saved forever from logging, simply by selling a limited number of new custom cottages in a few small footprint hamlets hidden within the forest.

This is a new, sustainable approach to home purchase. In fact, the first in history. The target group are people-of-means who want to create a legacy. Hence, the positioning line: Your place in history.

The headlines and copy platform are a mashup of the two relevant themes: A place with a long history dating back hundreds of years and a place leading the world into a sustainable future. Kind of primordial ooze meets the moon landing.


Loreto Bay is a development with a well defined point of difference. Always a good starting point. The opportunity here was to speak to the altruism of saving the planet in the language of high end self indulgence.


IT's a dirty job. but someone's got to do it.

Where is it written that saving the planet has to be a painful sacrifice? Not in our vision statement, that's for certain. Get a place at The Beach Club Villas at Loreto Bay and you can start a revolution without overthrowing your old regime. That is, if your daily regime includes five star pampering for you mind, body and soul.










so how do we explain our animal magnetism?

It's quite simple, really. The Beach Club Villas at Loreto Bay represent the latest thinking in sustainable development. A concept that began with a commitment to actually enhance the habitat of the area and nurture the bio-diversity of the land we are developing. A concept that has come to fruition by attracting an abundance of flora and fauna you simply won't find anywhere else on earth.



kick back. and take a load off your conscience.

Resort living is almost always about the lifestyle. But some people need a little something more for the soul. Come to the Beach Club Villas at Loreto Bay. Living here makes it easy to look yourself in the mirror everyday. Or better still, in the crystal clear surface of one of the many reflecting pools just outside your villa.


We're saving our energy for the beach.

At the Beach Club Villas at Loreto Bay, we believe that living well should never be achieved at the expense of the environment. So we're committed to creating through solar energy and other means, more energy than we consume. One way we are doing that is through passive solar design. Another is through ground source heat.



water, water, everywhere. and we're making more each day.

What do you call a place with an acre of breathtaking pools, waterfalls and coves combined with a commitment to harvest more potable water than it consumes? How about Nirvana with a social conscience


saving the planet. one villa at a time.

Welcome to the Beach Club Villas at Loreto Bay. A place where feeling good never felt so good. That's because we're not just packaging a lifestyle here, we're actually creating a better way of living.