Sirene Chocolate

Taylor Kennedy’s bean-to-bar chocolate presents a ritual tasting experience in pairs of two very different bars from two very different plantations.

My positioning line, "The Universe is Unfolding", ties the concept to the varied geographic origins of cacao and the unique packaging, designed around a dramatic unfolding and reveal of the product.

The promotion program for SIRENE was an education in the science of terroir, fermentation and other aspects in the growing category of bean to bar chocolate. I developed a voice for the brand to bring the chemistry 101 content to life.

The Lexicon of Enlightened Taste  One taste of Sirene chocolate may leave you speechless. But there is a name for every note in bean to bar chocolate. It's right there, on the tip of your tongue. So to aid in your quest to identify every subtle note, we present the chocolate flavour wheel.

The Lexicon of Enlightened Taste

One taste of Sirene chocolate may leave you speechless. But there is a name for every note in bean to bar chocolate. It's right there, on the tip of your tongue. So to aid in your quest to identify every subtle note, we present the chocolate flavour wheel.

Pure bliss. Crafted by fanatics.

Bean-to-bar is the term used to identify companies that make chocolate bars from cacao beans, as opposed to those that buy chocolate from industrial chocolate makers.
SIRENE chocolate is made with cacao beans sourced from carefully chosen farms. SIRENE controls the entire chocolate-making process - from the raw bean to the finished bar - to preserve each farm’s distinctive flavour. The end product is an experience entirely different from commercial chocolate.

Many are considered. Precious few are chosen.

The selection criteria for SIRENE cacao beans is all important and includes key terroir factors such as location, elevation, tree type, climate and other growing conditions. Once the farm is selected, the beans are imported to the SIRENE workshop to be sorted, roasted, winnowed, ground and molded in small batches. That’s a lot of very careful care and attention to produce a small batch of chocolate and there is a very good reason why.

A higher state of chocolate consciousness.

Using beans sourced from a single farm produces the single malt of the chocolate world: single origin cacao beans with more variety and complexity of flavour than wine grapes. Like blended wines or blended whisky, 95% of consumer chocolate is an homogenous blend of mass produced beans. This method is cost-effective but the results are less than flavourful.

After all, cacao beans are food.

Today, we all realize the importance of climate, elevation, soil, and skill of the farmer in creating the flavour of a grape, an apple or a strawberry. Those same components of terroir play an even more important role in the creation of an exquisite, organic, single origin cacao bean.
Finally, the bars are folded into the distinctive, numbered SIRENE box. We leave the unfolding to you.

Victoria Pie Co.

Back in the day, before big aggro and international delivery, pie was the package our food came in. Now, with our eye toward climate concerns and local food security, pie is once again leading the way to a better way to eat. The Victoria Pie Company is committed to sustainability by making friends with local farms and orchards and baking their excess produce into fresh pies daily.

I took my inspiration from this wholesome process and delivered a brand identity that brought back the joy of sharing food with friends.

Cowichan Pasta Company

There's buying local and then there's buying local. Matthew Horne has been named one of Western Livings 'Top Foodies Under 40' and he's been flying the local food flag for a long time. He works exclusively with locally sourced and rare ancient grains like spelt, hand milling them to make a unique, rustic pasta that is some of the best local fare on Vancouver Island. If you're lucky you'll experience Matt's food prepared fresh at some of the best venues on the West Coast. But after our recent repackaging exercise, it won't be hard to find him on grocery shelves and in freezers everywhere.

Given that this is essentially a one man operation with limited resources, I tried to use his new package as a three-dimensional print ad, utilizing every available space, both inside and out.



You'll always know where we're coming from.

By a stroke of luck, we cal Vancouver Island our home. A place blessed with a bounty of the very best from both land and sea, which results in a close knit recipe made entirely from local and seasonal ingredients. This grain has been stone ground to retain more of the high fibre outer portion of the kernel creating a unique, richly coloured and intensely flavourful pasta.


Buying local food provides jobs, reduces transportation impacts and invigorates our personal health. We invite you to follow the journey from farm to plate.


Relax, we've considered this product from top to bottom.
This carton is made from recycled content and the cellophane packaging is entirely compostable.


Your favourite meal begins right here.


Terroir Tea Merchant

Terroir refers to the conditions in which something is grown or produced and that give the it its unique characteristics.  Having successfully trademarked the term "Terroir" within Australia, when the premium tea trend hit Melbourne, Terroir Tea Merchant was ready.

My positioning line: "Heighten the Senses" reminds Terroir customers to educate themselves in order to fully appreciate this premium product and enjoy the adventure of trying others from diverse regions. 


Canoe Brewpub was a well loved food & beverage establishment in need of an updated image. Located in the historic City Light building, it only seemed fitting to speak to both the original utility and the recent build out to provide the perfect venue for a great night out. Accordingly, I wrote the positioning line: Built for Modern Times.

This first series of ads references the loyalty of longtime and frequent visitors.


The brewpub is also built to make the most of summer with an extensive patio. Maintaining the same contemporary tone and manner, these ads invite patrons to come outside and join the party.


Of course, the defining feature of any brewpub is the proximity of the micro brewery to the pub. These coasters make that point nicely.