Cowichan Pasta Company

There's buying local and then there's buying local. Matthew Horne has been named one of Western Livings 'Top Foodies Under 40' and he's been flying the local food flag for a long time. He works exclusively with locally sourced and rare ancient grains like spelt, hand milling them to make a unique, rustic pasta that is some of the best local fare on Vancouver Island. If you're lucky you'll experience Matt's food prepared fresh at some of the best venues on the West Coast. But after our recent repackaging exercise, it won't be hard to find him on grocery shelves and in freezers everywhere.

Given that this is essentially a one man operation with limited resources, I tried to use his new package as a three-dimensional print ad, utilizing every available space, both inside and out.



You'll always know where we're coming from.

By a stroke of luck, we cal Vancouver Island our home. A place blessed with a bounty of the very best from both land and sea, which results in a close knit recipe made entirely from local and seasonal ingredients. This grain has been stone ground to retain more of the high fibre outer portion of the kernel creating a unique, richly coloured and intensely flavourful pasta.


Buying local food provides jobs, reduces transportation impacts and invigorates our personal health. We invite you to follow the journey from farm to plate.


Relax, we've considered this product from top to bottom.
This carton is made from recycled content and the cellophane packaging is entirely compostable.


Your favourite meal begins right here.